This is an opportunity to join the Planitas team as a Senior Java Software Engineer and make a difference in the aviation sector. 

You will assume an integral part in the development process and will be a central contributor in the development of Planitas' core products and technologies. As a senior software engineer you will be expected to take ownership of the entire software life-cycle including design, development, testing, deployment, troubleshooting, maintenance, support and evolution. You will also be expected to manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables in an Agile environment. 

Required Skills: 

  • Proven experience in core Java, OOP principles, multi-threading and software development best practices 

  • Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate

  • Enterprise Integration Patterns / Design Patterns 

  • Deep understanding of relational database technology (especially Oracle) and excellent command of SQL 

  • Ability to handle and process large data sets efficiently 

  • Strong data analysis and data processing skills

  • 5+ Years application development experience 

  • Customer facing experience

Desirable Skills: 

  • Airline, hospitality or travel industry domain knowledge 

  • Oracle database administration knowledge 

  • Experience with ETL and data warehousing 

  • Experience with Javascript, HTML and CSS

  • Working knowledge of Python

  • CI/CD and DevOps basic principles knowledge 

  • AWS or other cloud platform working knowledge

  • Machine learning experience


  • A competitive remuneration based on experience and fit

  • Medical insurance 

  • Annual performance bonus 

 Only work permit/VISA holders.

Job description

Planitas products make airline sales and revenue data easily accessible so that decision making can be based on facts, not on hunches.

Established in 2000, Planitas was founded to bridge the information gap which existed because legacy systems could not interact with the airline desktop. This meant that, unlike the cost side of the business which had an abundance of software to provide operating data to management, the sales and revenue functions were bereft of timely accurate information to gauge how it was performing in the market place. This meant that airline managers were flying blind as to what was happening in their markets until it was too late to rectify matters. 

At Planitas we believe that precious airline employee time should not be wasted cleaning and manipulating data. We provide accurate information so that employees can use their business expertise to analyze that data and take the best decisions to increase sales and optimize revenue. Planitas' team is a multi-talented team that combines airline business knowledge with the latest business technologies to provide solutions that are not only accurate and efficient, but also specialized for the airline industry's specific needs.

Planitas' mission is to provide the necessary data at the right time, to the right people in the most appropriate format, at a competitive price.

With over 20 years of experience providing data solutions across the airline industry, Planitas is your reliable partner for airline data consultancy services.

Planitas' competitive advantage lies in the development of innovative products, frequent release cycles and excellent customer service. We rely on a small team of expert technology professionals who are committed to delivering world class software solutions to our clients. 

At Planitas we hold these values at heart: 

Efficiency and Flexibility: We pride ourselves in being a small team competing against some big technology giants. We are seeking candidates that are able to deliver solutions in the most efficient and effective manner applying industry standards and good judgment. Candidates must have a strong and diversified software engineering skill-set. 

Short release cycles: We believe in frequent releases and a single code base across all our customers. We are looking for candidates focused on quick but robust delivery to to our customers. Candidates also need to be able to write generic code that can work for small and large airlines with different business models. 

Innovation: We enable airlines to innovate by providing flexible and innovative technology. We apply innovation both to our products and software development processes, where we adapt agile methodologies to suit the nature of our team. We are looking for creative people who are passionate about the travel industry and who are able to gain a quick understanding of the business and think outside the box in terms of innovation and creativity. 

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Planitas is an equal opportunities employer.